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Our high level of customer service, reliability, and goal-oriented team strives to generate long-lasting relationships with our customers. At Kohl Electrical Services we are dedicated to delivering the ultimate customer experience by providing quality electrical solutions.



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New Construction

Kohl Electrical Services understands the importance of crafting a space that reflects your vision. With a focus on efficiency and precision, we ensure your new construction project is completed to perfection. We collaborate with General Contractors to keep customers happy and exceed expectations.


Elevate your space with Kohl Electrical Services remodel services. Our skilled technicians seamlessly integrate electrical upgrades, enhancing functionality and safety. Trust us to revitalize your space with precision wiring solutions, ensuring a seamless transition for your project.

Design Build

Collaborate with Kohl Electrical Services on a design-build project for a new space, where our expertise ensures seamless integration of electrical systems, optimizing efficiency and reliability while meeting project deadlines and budgets. We collaborate with architects, designers and general contractors to achieve design-build goals.


From minor electrical issues to major projects, Kohl Electrical Services is your reliable service call provider. Whether it's a malfunctioning outlet or planning a significant renovation, our experienced team is equipped to handle it all. With prompt and professional service, we ensure your electrical needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Lighting Retrofit

Kohl Electrical Services specializes in transforming outdated lighting systems into energy-efficient solutions tailored to your needs. Our expertise is in upgrading fluorescent tube fixtures to cutting-edge LED technology, ensuring enhanced illumination, quality and significant energy savings.


At Kohl Electrical Services, we go beyond standard services to offer comprehensive solutions for equipment needs. We work to find solutions that meet specification requirements with the best lead time at the best price through our strong supplier relationships. We are your #1 electrical equipment partner.


Electrical systems are the lifeline of modern facilities, but aging equipment and unexpected failures can lead to costly downtime. Our comprehensive approach includes inspections, advanced analysis, and strategic repairs or upgrades to prevent breakdowns before they occur, and act quickly when they do happen.


Amidst unpredictable power outages, backup generators stand as a beacon of reliability. Kohl Electrical Services understands the importance of selecting the right system amidst many options. From sizing to installation and service, our experts ensure your backup generator meets your specific needs.

Fire & Safety

Kohl Electrical Services ensures thorough protection with our fire alarm and safety system expertise. From meticulous assessments to tailored installations, we deliver compliant solutions for every building type. Our maintenance services guarantee ongoing reliability, minimizing false alarms and maximizing response readiness.


At Kohl Electrical Services, we understand the importance of proactive maintenance to mitigate risks. By working closely with our customers, we tailor maintenance plans to suit unique needs, ultimately increasing efficiency, reducing downtime, and boosting revenue. We empower our clients to make informed decisions for long-term success.

Solar Power

Kohl Electrical Services can assist with implementing solar power systems in commercial buildings, such as warehouses or offices, and residential dwellings. Solar power contributes to lower electricity consumption and lower operating costs while demonstrating a commitment to sustainable business practices and lifestyle.


At Kohl Electrical Services, we recognize the rapid evolution of technology, particularly in closed-circuit and security camera systems. Our strength is tailoring solutions to meet your unique needs. From property security to monitoring loved ones, we ensure you get the latest, most effective technology for your peace of mind.

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Choose Kohl Electrical Services for reliability, excellence, and peace of mind in all your electrical projects.

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Over 20 years in electrical excellence.

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Proudly serving Wisconsin with trusted service.

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Unwavering commitment to top-tier results.

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We Deliver Powerful Results

Kohl Electrical Services is a complete service electrical contractor, proudly serving the state of Wisconsin, specializing in commercial projects. Licensed and bonded, with over 60 years of experience, tailoring to every electrical need. We have a strong team of electricians who are knowledgeable, prioritize safety and operate with skilled craftsmanship.



From new construction to remodels, we work hand in hand with General Contractors and customers to offer quality products and solutions to their necessities.



We provide solutions for power savings with your current system and offer backup generators for lighting and energy while bringing you the best Energy Star rebates.



We offer value engineering by considering the cost of material and labor, then providing solutions and products to complete the project in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our strong supplier relationships have proven our ability to solve unique problems and challenges to make projects successful.